About us

Fresh Advancements

Fresh Advancements is a high volume
importer and wholesaler of fresh produce
located at the Ontario Food Terminal.
Purchasing in large quantities allows
us to achieve significant volume savings
that we pass directly to the customer.
Our customers incude companies from
a wide range of industries, including
food service distributors, major retailers
and independent restauranteurs. Give
Fresh Advancements a call and gain
access to the world's freshest produce. Fresh Advancements operates out of
three stalls at the Ontario Food Terminal
and supplies Fresh Conventional and
Organic Produce. We also utilize our own
60K sq ft distribution facility located
within 8 km of the Ontario Food Terminal.





Our citrus brand Faclems is a major
distributor of the best quality citrus
clementines from all over the world.

A clementine is a hybrid between a
mandarin and a sweet orange, so
named in 1902. The exterior is a deep
orange colour with a smooth, glossy
The clementine is an excellent eating
orange. Its small size, sweet flavor
and lack of seeds make it particularly
popular with kids.

Our Protected Late Mandarins
from South Africa are proudly
licensed by CITROGOLD (PTY) LTD.


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